9 Award-Worthy Oscar Cocktails Inspired by the 2020 Best Picture Nominees

Oscars drink recipe ideas for 2020 Best Picture nominees, including a peach soju cocktail for Parasite

Whether youre hosting an Oscar party this year or just tuning in to the ceremony in your PJs from the deepest corner of the couch, a thematic Oscars drink can only enhance the Academy Awards experience. So, continuing a Chowhound tradition, here are nine Oscar cocktails inspired by the 2020 Best Picture nominees.

There are very minor spoilers below, but nothing that should ruin any of the movies you might not have seen! Still, proceed with caution if you dont like to know any details.

And be sure to check out our 2020 Oscar party menu for fantastic food inspired by this years flicks (ram-don included).

Ford v Ferrari Whiskey Negroni

Boulevardier cocktail (whiskey Negroni)


Italian Campari and American rye whiskey seem like theyd compete for dominance, which would be fitting, but with the addition of sweet vermouth they blend beautifully in the glass. And since this cocktail is on the bitter side, you wont race to finish it, which is a good thing when it comes to drinks. Get our Boulevardier Whiskey Negroni recipe.

The Irishman Little Italy

Little Italy cynar cocktail


Were you expecting Irish coffee? Its a fine choice, but a bit on the nose. We thought about a couple other evocatively named drinks, including The Fedora and the Scofflaw, but since New York Citys Little Italy is such a pivotal location in the film, well go with that. It helps that its deliciousessentially, a Manhattan with the Angostura bitters replaced by Cynar (bet you never saw that coming). Get our Little Italy Cocktail recipe.

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Jojo Rabbit Kalimoxto

Kalimotxo cocktail (wine and Coke)


During a memorable dinner scene in this much-discussed movie, Scarlett Johannsons character tells her son shes just going to chew on [some] grapes. So a wine cocktail is an obvious choiceand our white wine-based Crimean Cocktail happens to share a name with a major offensive during WWII, making it extra thematically appropriate. That said, a Kalimoxtoa simple but divisive mixture of red wine and Cokenot only mirrors the characters dinner/drink of choice, but seems to perfectly pay homage to the inherently controversial nature of the film.

Joker Touch of Evil


It was sorely tempting to go with our Copa Verde cocktail here; its bright green and the addition of avocado feels fairly subversive, but also maybe its a little too much like guacamole? Enter this Touch of Evil Cocktail recipe. Not only does it have a fitting name, it sports a burst of red (thanks to rhubarb syrup, which also lends a tart shock of flavor) and a bright green garnish. The licorice-scented absinthe wont actually lead to insanity, but it will keep you on your toes.

Little Women Poinsettia Punch

cranberry orange champange punch


You could pay homage to Amys love of pickled limes with a lime-spiked mint ice tea, but our cranberry-orange Poinsettia Punch recipe feels better for this still-cold season. Besides, its spiked with Champagne, the Oscar drink of choice. And furthermore, it feels like it would be right at home with the lavish Christmas spread the Marsh sisters marvel over in the movie.

Marriage Story Gin and Bitters

pink gin bitters


Our Gin and Bitters recipe is barely a recipe, but its a fitting thing to sip in honor of this divorce drama. Its undeniably bitter, but its also surprisingly complex. No promises on how well it pairs with kale salad, though.

1917 Brandy Alexander


Milk plays a small but important supporting role in this WWI flick, so if youre looking for a non-alcoholic option, there you have it. If you want something thats milky but also boozy, try our Brandy Alexander recipe that features heavy cream and crme de cacao. (But if you dont do dairy, why not try this bracing Artillery Punch?)

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Frozen Margaritas

2020 Oscar menu food and drink ideas

Jamie Grill / Getty Images

If you just want to duplicate a drink the characters enjoyed in the film, youve got options, including a bloody mary or a whiskey sour. But frozen margs obviously have the edge, so get our Frozen Margarita recipe. Drink it straight from the blender if you really want to.

Parasite Soju Peach Smash

Apricot Whiskey Smash with Mint


Come Oscar night, if you want an easy meal thats also relevant to the occasion, ram-don (jjapaguri) is the clear front-runner. And to drink, we suggest making our Soju Cocktail recipe but instead of watermelonuse peaches. No, theyre not in season, but ginger liqueur, rich simple syrup, and fresh-squeezed lime juice should more than make up for any lack of taste.

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