August was a busy month.  I feel like so much happened in the last 31 days and when I look back at these pictures it seems like it all happened much longer than 30 something days ago.  The very first day of the month was spent relaxing which was much needed after throwing a baby shower for my sister in law which by the way she just had as of yesterday!!!

I sat outside and thoroughly enjoyed my cup of coffee while the girls slowly made their way out to join me and eventually they brought the cats out as well.

Kayla had a last Summer sleepover at her besties house, they swam and ate pizza and of course stayed up way too late.

Before school started Kayla also wanted to fit in one last library visit.

The girls got new hydro flasks which meant they needed to add all the stickers to them.

A trip to Target for some last minute back to school things.

The girls would in no way let me not make our traditional peanut butter and jelly bars for their first day back.

Brooklyn went to a friends birthday and since the birthday girl loved dogs Brooklyn drew a dog for her and I was amazed at how great it was!

I knew school and sports were gonna make our schedules crazy so we made sure to enjoy one last Summer BBQ with friends.

Kayla went to her first High School football game!!
It was neon spirit day so her and her bestie were decked out in neon colors for the night. 

Chris turned 40 this month and we took a trip to Nashville to celebrate (which I need to share on here) so we celebrated when we got back with the girls with presents and a delicious dinner at home.

Brooklyn had picture day so I snapped a quick picture of her looking all pretty before taking her to school.

Chips and guacamole while they do their homework after school.  They both have desks in their rooms for this but they insist they need to be in the kitchen so we are all in one room together.

Soccer is back!

Kayla had a cross country free morning so I of course needed to get a picture of her looking all grown up before taking her to school.

My beautiful teenager!

This kitty roams the house all day while her brother is sleeping under a couch or bed somewhere.

Chris and I celebrated our 17th anniversary this month which the traditional gift is furniture.  I obviously do not need any furniture but he remembered I have always wanted a wine barrel for the backyard so he surprised me with one!

I love it!!!

We caught up with friends at surprise party and had a great time.

Somebody found a new spot to enjoy.

On our actual anniversary we woke up to a sweet little note left by the coffee pot from Kayla

then we headed out to Brooklyn's first soccer game of the season!  They tied, 2-2 and she did great and got one of the goals

We celebrated back home with lunch with her number one fans!

Later that night Chris and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and then came back home and enjoyed a small glass of some special whiskey we picked up while in Nashville.

Kayla was off at the movies with a friend so Brooklyn and I watched 'Audrey' on Netflix and enjoyed our own popcorn and candy.

These two goofs ran into my room at the end of the day and were so excited that they matched all day without even knowing it!

I can't believe it's already September!  It's gonna be a busy one with lots of birthdays and a new baby in the mix along with sports and school activities.   It feels nice though being back to it all.
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