Budget-friendly Real Food Super Bowl Party Snacks

Budget-friendly Real Food Super Bowl Party Snacks

Need Super Bowl Party Food ideas that are budget-friendly but also made with real food? We compiled the perfect list of frugal party snacks for you.

Budget-friendly Real Food Super Bowl Party Snack Ideas pingraphic

Are you planning a super bowl party? Or are you going to one soon and you want to bring a dish thats made with real food, is budget-friendly, or is allergy-friendly?

There are 2 kinds of people who attend Super Bowl parties: the ones who care about the game, and the ones who are there for the food and commercials.

You know which you are. If youre the food type, you dont even know which teams are playing until just after you arrive to the party. More likely, you looked it up real quick in the driveway, because you dont want to look like a poser.

However, you have some tells that will give you away throughout the night. For example, during the actual game, you wander over to the snack table, only to rush back when someone shouts Commercials! (a Super Bowl tradition thats a courtesy to everyone else who is also there for the food.)

You dont need me to tell you that youre only attending the Super Bowl party for the food. You know that about yourself. I know that about myself.

While the real football fans are obsessing over stats, were planning the menu and looking up recipes. And thats okay. We all have our roles and contributions. The football fans make sure we have a party. You make sure the party is awesome especially for everyone else who only cares about the food.

Amazing eggless brownies for your Super Bowl Party
Eggless Brownies (no weird ingredients!)

Real Food Super Bowl Party Snacks

Maybe this year is a little different. Maybe this year youre trying to eat a little cleaner or keep the snacks more frugal. Or maybe you or someone attending has food allergies. I have some great ideas for that.

Whichever one you are, if you need party food that helps you stick to your budget and uses clean, real food ingredients, we have the perfect list for you!

Heres the thing though. Were not trying to win an award for the healthiest Super Bowl party. That would be a lame party. And a Super Bowl without sausage balls is not one Im interested in attending.

Instead, these snacks are made with real food simple, whole ingredients. We cut out the overly-processed ingredients we want to avoid, but we can still enjoy our nachos and sausage balls.

Budget-Friendly Super Bowl Party Food

Some of these snack ideas are really cheap and simple (chips and salsa anyone?), and some are a little heartier (Buffalo Chicken Dip or Eggless Brownies). Depending on how quickly you tell your hosts what youre providing, you might be stuck with a more main dish type recipe, and I wanted to make sure you have budget-friendly, real food options for that.

Cracker dipped in Buffalo Chicken Dip for your Super Bowl Party
Real Food Buffalo Chicken Dip

Super Bowl Party Snack Rules:

I have a few rules for this list:

  1. Nothing cutesy This isnt the Pinterest Mom blog. Im not going to share football-shaped calzones or a veggie tray that looks like a stadium
  2. Simple Ingredients no weird, hard-to-find-health-food-store ingredients. Just simple, real food.
  3. Frugal These recipes generally use the least expensive whole food items available
  4. Allergy-friendly ideas!
  5. Easy No gourmet cooking skills required

You can make it as expensive and healthy as you like. Use organic celery or conventional. Use fresh homemade salsa or salsa from Aldi whatever works for your budget. Remember, you are the boss of your kitchen and your food!

Budget-Friendly Real Food Super Bowl Party Snack List:

Many of these recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, or egg-free, so if you or someone attending has allergies, you can serve something at the party that is delicious and safe.

(In the next few days, Ill share an allergy-free Super Bowl party food post, then Ill link it here!)

Nachos for your Super Bowl Party
Cheap & Simple Nachos

Vegan Super Bowl Party Snacks:

Many of us have a vegan friend or two, and Super Bowl parties can be especially difficult to navigate. All of these recipes from the snack list are vegan or have vegan variations!

You might like our other budget-friendly vegan recipes as well!

Peanut butter chocolate chip hummus for your Super Bowl Party
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Hummus

Whether youre the person who only cares about the food, or youre the rare, fun unicorn who loves both the food and the game, these ideas will help you stick to your budget and your clean-eating goals.

What You Can Do Now:

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party?

  1. Choose 3-5 snacks from the list above to use at your party.
  2. Check the ingredients lists and write down what youll need to have on hand to make them.

Thats it! Youre all set until the week before the party.

Are you bringing a dish to a party?

  1. Choose one of these ideas, and write down the ingredients youll need.
  2. TIP: I keep my grocery list as a note on my phone so Im less likely to leave the list at home.
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