Chillin With Arlyn Broche

Chillin With Arlyn Broche

Arlyn Broche is a powerhouse Cuban actress who gains notoriety with her stunning looks and immense talent.

Daughter of Cuban immigrants, the Miami native quite literally has the gift of acting running through her blood. Her father was a very successful television, film, and commercial actor in Cuba. A gifted and creative child, she caught the performing arts bug in the 2nd grade, acting at an adult level as ‘Juliet’ in Shakespeare’s classic play Romeo & Juliet.


Later in life she attended Florida International University to major in business. One thing led to another, and Broche decided to switch her major to healthcare administration. However, after accumulating some experience in the field, she felt as though she wasn’t following her true passion. Acting on her intuition, she landed a spot FIU’s journalism program to pursue a career as an on-camera talent. Afterwards, Arlyn moved on to the school’s renowned theatre department where she was taking classes in voice, movement, and stage craft. The rest is history! 


The Cuban Goddess will next be seen starring as ‘Dany Garcia’ in Season 2 of NBC’s Young Rock. Audiences may recognize Arlyn for her breakout role in Season 2 of HBO’s Ballers starring alongside Dwayne Johnson and Andy Garcia as ‘Tonya.’ Coming off her role on CBS’s The Inspectors with Jessica Lundy and Terry Serpico, Arlyn certainly has an undeniably bright future ahead of her. 

The second season of Young Rock delves back into Dwayne Johnson’s life, continuing the storylines from Season 1 while also introducing new chapters we haven’t yet seen. As Dwayne and his loving, resilient family face new challenges and meet new wild characters of professional wrestling.


Taking her talents to the big screen, Broche is currently working on two film projects. One, filming in Florida, an indie film FALLAWAY, follows five separate story lines focusing on the frantic manhunt for a brutal serial killer, playing ‘Sheriff Deputy Hendricks.’ Additionally, Arlyn was cast as the lead in a new horror, thriller film Mary, playing ‘Mary,’ a beautiful young girl who was full of faith and in love until one gruesome night changed everything. 


Chilled had the pleasure of catching up with her and learned about her off-screen hobbies, go-to drinks and eats, home bar, and more!




Tell us about the projects you are working on.  

I play Danielle on a New York Show called Gravesen airing on Amazon Prime that is still in production.


With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime? 

I love to spend time with my kids and my husband. We make time to have family day at least once a week. I also love to read and cook.  


When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine? 

I am a FOODIE. I love beautifully curated dishes. I appreciate the art that goes into cooking. My favorite local restaurants in Miami are Prime 112, Mila, and Osaka, among others.  


What types of dishes do you typically order? 

I typically order dishes that are high in protein and veggies, such as ceviche, tuna tartare, guacamole, edamame, brussel sprouts, etc.  


Any favorite bars? 

My favorite bar would have to be the bar at the Setai hotel in Miami Beach. They have the BEST chili pepper Martini. 


What drinks do you order when out? 

I normally tend to go for a nice Sauvignon Blanc or a Champagne or Prosecco. 


Do you prepare drinks at home? 

My go to is wine or champagne at home. I do make a mean lychee Martini that I’ve been told is amazing!  


Tell us about your home bar. What is it stocked with? 

My home bar has all types of red and white wines, champagne, Prosecco. Also, an assortment of hard liquor used mostly for events at home. 


Have you ever been a bartender? 

Aside from hosting at home, I have not bartended.  


 If you could share a drink with anyone, who would it be? 

I would love the share a drink with Dany García. I play her on screen but, she has always been a big source of inspiration for me. Her trajectory is admirable.






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