Clean Eating Chocolate Mug Cake

Clean Eating Chocolate Mug Cake

Im pretty confident that this chocolate mug cake recipe is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD. With this mug of deliciousness in your hands, everything is better. The birds sing a little louder, the light appears a little brighter, the noise of the kids dims in the background. It changes everything.

clean eating chocolate mug cake


This chocolate mug cake is pure brilliance. It took me a few trials to master the EXACT formula Im sharing with you here, but (and I say this with a slightly smug, knowing nod), it may just be the best dessert you ever taste.

I keep this recipe pinned to the fridge as its a family obsession right now.

clean eating chocolate mug cake

So, what makes this Chocolate Dessert so Darn Special?

Resisting the urge to eat crappy, processed foods can be hard especially when a lot of it designed to taste so damn good!

This also happens to be the No 1 reason that diets dont work in the long term. The idea that we are depriving ourselves eventually leads us down the road to a dozen chocolate covered donuts or entire family bag of crisps while we wait in the school pick up line.

Thats why I love Clean Eating so, so much!! Its so versatile. I dont feel like Im missing out. After years of weight being an issue, I no longer ride the hamster wheel of diet, binge and tears.

This Chocolate mug cake is a perfect example of why its easy it is to stick to a Clean Eating lifestyle vs the so many fad diets that keep popping up on the horizon.

  • Its Chocolate.
  • Its Dessert.
  • Its actually good for you.

clean eating chocolate mug cake


Like all Clean Eating recipes, we start with some basic whole ingredients:

  1. Butter I use full fat, organic butter in our home. Its not an everyday food, and I do use it in limited amounts as I try to limit the amount of Dairy we eat as a family. If you prefer, you can substitute Coconut oil in place of the butter.
  2. Cocoa A household staple. Choose organic, unsweetened cocoa powder.
  3. Honey Honey is still a sugar, so its a treat food in our home, rather than something we eat everyday. If you follow the blog youll know that our family didnt quit sugar
  4. Spelt Flour The type of flour you prefer can drive a wedge between friends. On a Clean Eating diet, you can choose from a wide variety of whole grain flours. Two of my favorite flour options to use in my baking are Spelt Flour and Einkorn Flour. Neither of these flours are Gluten Free, but scroll down for my tips on making this recipe Gluten Free.
  5. Baking Powder Choose Aluminium free, GMO free varieties
  6. Vanilla Extract Be selective when choosing Vanilla. Stores can be tricky with labels. You want Vanilla EXTRACT NOT Vanilla ESSENCE.
  7. Eggs Choose free range, organic eggs.


My daughter is Gluten intolerant which sucks for her. So many of the Gluten free Supermarket products are heavily processed, so eating a healthy, gluten free diet takes effort.

Not all recipes translate well to a Gluten free version, but this one does.

To make a Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake, you will need to make these two substitutions:

  1. Choose a Gluten Free Flour to replace the Spelt. Coconut flour and Almond flour both work really well and taste great.
  2. Make sure your Baking Powder is a Gluten Free Version

Then simply follow the rest of the recipe.


  1. Pick a large mug (this recipe more than quadruples in size when cooking and you dont want the clean up issues).
  2. Add butter, cocoa and honey to the mug and melt slightly. Mix together until smooth.
  3. Add flour, baking powder, vanilla & egg to the mug. Mix well until well combined and smooth.
  4. Microwave for 50 seconds. This is the EXACT time I cook my mug cakes for, but this could vary slightly depending on your microwave. Keep a close eye on the cake. As soon as it rises above the mug top, its a sign thats its a couple seconds from being ready.


This is a HUGE SERVING and probably too much for a child portion (having said that, Ive seen my son devour an entire mug cake on his own).

Generally, when I make this for our family, I pop the Cake out of the mug (easily done by sliding a knife around the sides and turning upside down). It slides out like a long cake roll, which I cut in half and top with custard or cream. So each mug cake is enough to serve TWO.


Clean Eating Chocolate Mug Cake

An OMG delicious Clean Eating chocolate dessert without the guilt. High in protein, low in sugar and 100% AMAZING!!!

  • 1 tbsp butter ((Or coconut oil for Dairy free))
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • tbsp Cocoa
  • 3 tbsp Spelt flour ((or coconut flour for Gluten free))
  • tsp baking powder
  • tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  1. Start with a large mug or ramekin (must hold at least 12oz / 355ml)

    Add butter, honey and cocoa to the mug. Melt for a couple seconds in the microwave and then mix together until smooth (This only takes around 10 15 seconds in mine).

    Add flour, baking powder, vanilla, egg to the mug. Mix together until smooth.

    Microwave for 50 60 seconds (My microwave takes EXACTLY 50 seconds for a perfect mug cake). You don't want to over cook the cake it is will end up too dry. A good way to know you're close to perfect is when the cake rises out of the mug.

    Serve with Clean Eating Custard or Whipped Cream and Strawberries.



clean eating chocolate mug cake

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