Daily Eats: Quarantine Style – Stay Home Diaries #8

You guys… this quarantine is weird.

Some days feel great, other days feel off and weird. Work is going great. My coaching practice is full, I love all of my clients, our sessions are feeling so important right now…

And in personal life… this time is strange. A lot of waiting. A lot of uncertainty. We’ve been constantly on the lookout for where to live. Where we’re staying now is temporary. I gave up my office which felt like my one sure space. (No reason to keep it if I wasn’t going.) Our furniture and most of our things are locked up in storage and our unit is packed SO full that we can’t get to any of it.

We have so much to be grateful for, yet this time feels so strange and limbo like. That’s a hard thing to feel. I’m practicing a lot of grace and self-compassion, because even though there’s much to be grateful for, it’s still hard to have most of my “normal” thrown off. I know it’s similar for you – most of us have our “normal” thrown off right now.

So, for today… for this moment, I’m going to indulge in some normalcy and share my eats with you.

Before we dive in… I want to preface this post by saying that this post is NOT for comparison – to compare your eats to mine. Rather, these posts have always been and will always be about inspiration.

Inspiration surrounding: new ideas around food; freedom with food; and trusting that YOU can listen to YOUR body and what feels good for you, as I listen to mine and do what feels right for me.

If these posts are triggering for you in any way, please dive into these posts instead.


Wednesday morning I woke up, wrote a blog post, and ate breakfast: two Siete tortillas, ground breakfast sausage and potatoes with green salsa. Normally I’d add eggs to this but we were out.

After breakfast, I had a coaching session and after that, I went for a run with Abby. When I got home, I showered, got dressed, and got back to work.

A little while later I took a break for lunch. Brown rice pasta with chicken and parmesan cheese. Remember how I said chicken wasn’t sounding good? Well, this time it was great. Chicken still doesn’t sound great, but it sure did taste good as leftovers in this meal. Does that make any sense? Ha!

After lunch, before my next two sessions, I took 15 minutes to sip some coffee and dive into my bible and journal. I needed that decompress time. I needed to fill up so that I could pour out.

My sessions went great and when I was off, I made this snack plate of chips and guac and then sat outside in the sun while Marco went to pick up dinner. I didn’t feel like cooking.

For dinner, we had Urbane Cafe. I got a turkey club. Yum! Exactly what I was craving. It came with two halves just like this, plus a side salad with spring mix, balsamic, mandarin oranges and feta cheese. Sooo good.

And after dinner, I had two scoops of this Talenti chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. Mmm-mmm! Mine and Marco’s current favorite.


Thursday was a full coaching day, so I made sure to wake up with enough time to get some quiet time in the morning, outside, with coffee, soaking up the sun. This was at about 6:45.

It’s been so beautiful here this week.

Abby girl bringing joy wherever she goes.

For breakfast, I had a slice of sourdough and two eggs. Hit the spot SO well.

For lunch, the last of the leftover brown rice noodles with chicken, marinara, and parmesan cheese. These leftover tasted soo good.

Mid-day, between sessions I needed an energy boost, so avocado toast (untoasted) it was. I used a whole guacamole packet and threw this together quickly. It was so yum!

Annnd after work, while I was wrapping up emails, I got hungry so I munched on a banana.

Before dinner, I took some time to decompress outside. I needed the sunshine, to close by eyes, and to just rest.

When I was ready for dinner, I made exactly what I was craving: a breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, avocado, and arugula.

When I finished dinner I cleaned up the kitchen, got into cozy PJ’s, and poured this bowl of Boom Chicka Pop to take upstairs and munch on while I watched a show. Again, hit the spot!

Right before bed, I felt like I just needed a little something else in my stomach so I could sleep, so I ate these Siete chips and guac. This was perfect. I felt extra hungry yesterday. Must have just needed it!

Now it’s Friday and after I hit publish on this post I’m going to do another hour of work and then unplug completely. I am in need of some rest and relaxation this weekend. Perhaps a lot of prayer and reflection as well.

My heart is in need of some encouragement for personal things 💛

Love you all so much. Thank you for being here, and I’ll be back Monday. Hopefully very refreshed, recharged and maybe even with some new direction or perspective. That’s my prayer for the weekend!

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