Eating In

Eating In

What a crazy few weeks it’s been! I saw someone else say that we should try unplugging 2020, waiting 10 seconds, then restarting it, and I pretty much agree! From starting off with crazy weather and never ending rain to now beginning spring with a virus running rampant and causing people to do crazy things like buy all the toilet paper, 2020 is shaping up to be a pretty memorable year and not in the ways that most of us had planned.

Since social distancing and sheltering in place seem to be the order of the next several weeks, I know many will find themselves in the kitchen a little (or in some cases…alot ;)) more than usual. That being said, I thought I’d do a quick little post here sharing some of our favorite and mostly easy recipes from my personal Pinterest! I’m no chef by any means lol but I have grown to really enjoy cooking. Something about cooking up a yummy meal for our little family to gather around at the end of the day is really satisfying and a time that I look forward to each day. I hope you find these helpful and that you and your family can find a few you can enjoy together!

Pasta is always a good idea in my opinion and this Steakhouse Pasta from The Pioneer Woman does not disappoint! With staples like pasta being hard to find in some stores right now, don’t stress about the type of noodle you use! We just made it with penne but really any kind would do!

image from Food Network

Wishing you were at the beach right now? Yeah, me too, but this next recipe will give you all the “island vibes”! Hawaiian Chicken with Coconut Rice is super easy and is full of flavor. Plus it uses minimal pots/pans so that cleanup is a breeze!

image from JoyousApron

I always get a craving for Mexican food, so I’m always re creating my favorite restaurant dishes but in the easiest way possible! We have a Mexican night at our house at least a couple of times a month and change it up between sheet pan nachos, tacos, or enchiladas! This recipe is crazy easy and sure to be a crowd pleaser! Serve these Beef Enchiladas with beans and rice. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll even make up a batch of easy homemade guacamole!

image from Sweet Little Bluebird

I’m a big fan of recipes that help get veggies in my kiddos! While our boys aren’t super picky, they only have a few vegetables that they really love so this casserole is a great way to get them to eat one of their “not so favs”. I serve this Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole over rice!

image from Delicious Little Bites

Sheet pan dinners might be the best invention of all times when it comes to putting together a quick and balanced meal. And the best part is that you can customize them with whatever meat and veggies you happen to have on hand! This Sausage and Veggie Sheet Pan is one that my boys will eat thirds of…they like it so much that I usually have to make it with 2 helpings of sausage instead of just the one. I also add green beans to ours since they prefer those and Jeremy and I keep the brussels sprouts for us ;)

image from Cooking Classy

I’m a sandwich girl….give me a good yummy sandwich and I’m a happy camper! Hawaiian rolls are the perfect base for so many slider recipes and they do a great job in these deliciously gooey French Dip Sliders. Definitely a crowd pleaser and because they use deli meat, they are incredibly easy and quick to put together!

image from Chelsea’s Messy Apron

And last but not least, how about an easy crockpot soup recipe? The weather is starting to heat up, so it’s not typical soup weather, but a Creamy Potato Soup is always a great comfort dish. This particular recipe has minimal ingredients and is really great. I like to serve it with fresh chopped chives, extra cheese, and real bacon bits!

image from Hi Sugar Plum

Well there you go! Some yummy, easy supper ideas for you and your family! If you need more suggestions, feel free to reach out because I have many more! If you’re in the market for a good cookbook, I really recommend Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines and any of Ree Drummond’s Pioneer Woman cookbooks! Both women have large families and they know how to cook. Everything I’ve ever tried from them has been delicious! I hope you all stay safe, sane, fed, and most importantly well during these uncertain times. And in all seriousness, I want to take this time to also extend a helping hand. If you are local to me and are concerned about how to feed you or your family please send me a message from the “contact me” tab of the blog. We are all in this together, and I truly believe that God can make good come out of even the most trying times. God bless you all!

XOXO~ Eden

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