Flour Tortillas with bacon fat

Flour Tortillas with bacon fat

Flour tortillas 1

Sunday dinner. Warm, fresh tortillas. Life is good.

Yes, thats right. BACON FAT. So good, you will wonder why you havent done it before. In Mexico pork is featured in so many ways, all good. (Ever had carnitas??). Well, these tortillas are so darn good Stella told me that I needed to get them on the blog right away, as this is the 2nd time (in her 6 L O N G years) that she has been instrumental in the whole rolling/cooking process and if a 6 year old can do this so can you! Effort vs reward is huge. Stella gets the rolling going and Sloan (at 9) is in charge of the stove and cooking them. They both know just when to turn the tortillas with the right amount of bubbling and browning going on.


  • 3 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup bacon fat (cold)\
  • 1 cup warm water

Stir flour and salt together, then work in the cold bacon fat with your fingers. Slowly add the water and work until a cohesive dough forms. Not sticking together? Add a bit more water. Too sticky? Add a bit more flour . You get it. Knead until you have a soft but firm dough cover and allow to rest for 30-60 minutes. (or as long as you need it to)

Divide this into 12-14 pieces and roll into balls. Let sit for a few minutes to allow the dough to rest this makes it much easier to roll. (keep covered)

Roll until super thin and cook on a dry hot skillet. Every stovetop is different and you may sacrifice the first couple to the frypan, but thats okay, once you realize your perfect temperature you are good to go.

Cook for approximately 1 minute on the first side and you will see bubbles form. Only flip when you peek underneath and see brown spots appearing. Flip it over and continue cooking until you get more of those lovely brown spots. On my stovetop (flat ceramic) I cant cook it higher than 5 (or medium) otherwise things burn before cooking through but experiment with your own surface.

Keep warm in a covered container as the steaming also helps with the cooking process.

This recipe serves 6. If you arent feeding 6, then just keep the dough in the fridge and pinch off enough to make yourself a couple tortillas a day!

Flour tortillas 3

Stella is 6 and shes already done this a couple of times, at her insistence this recipe is going on the blog so we all remember it. Big sister Sloan is making the guacamole in the background before stepping over to the stove to keep the cooking going.

Flour tortillas 4

Just look at those bubbles forming we all get excited! (yes, I know, kitchen geeks)

Flour tortillas 2

This is exactly what you are looking for. Heaven in a wrap.

Tonight we served carne asada with these tortillas, and it was amazing.

Honestly . you really dont like pork? (sorry Meg & Amy). Use store bought lard or shortening.

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