Gifts Teen Girls Really Want

I've been doing this teenage daughter gig for a while now, and I'm here to tell you that teen girls can be some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for! (Although, I also think teen boys are hard, but being an all-girl mom I just feel lost in teen boy territory.)

My daughters have made a few extensive gift guides for teen girls in years past, and while many of those items are still really great to purchase for your daughter, trends move on. I asked them to make me a guide that is totally up to the minute for 2019 and here it is. I promise that the teen girl in your life will be all smiles if she receives any of the items on this list.

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2019 Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

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Hydro Flask

If I had to say any one item that is the "it" item of this year, it would definitely be this water bottle. It comes in tons of colors, sizes, and styles and all of them are super trendy. Girls love to cover them in stickers and carry them to sports, school, and the beach.

My daughter has the 40 ounce in Jade and absolutely loves it. I have to admit, this is a superior water bottle and I am shocked that she comes home from school and sports practices and the ice she put in it in the morning hasn't even come close to melted.

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

My two older daughters each have one of these bags and have loved them. They are very well made and the mini size carries a surprising amount of stuff!

LED light strips

These are all the rage right now in teen world, for both girls and boys. They love to put them up in their rooms as decor. They have tons of color options and can be changed via a remote.


Yep. I said scrunchies. If you were a teen in the 80s and 90s like I was, you might not want to buy these for your kids. But believe me, they want them. I do have to admit that they are good for not leaving creases in your hair and they can be pretty cute.

My girls tend to stick to basic black or grey scrunchies, but they have a few in fun colors and fabrics, too.

FujiFilm Instax Camera

These polaroid style cameras are lots of fun for teen girls. Even though they seem totally outdated to those of us who had them way back when, these are super cute and offer a vintage looking (and instant) photo. Teen girls love them for when they are having special events with friends or even just hanging out.

They come in several different colors, and don't forget to buy film!

Shell Necklaces

These touristy-looking necklaces became very popular with teen girls this summer. You can get several of them quite inexpensively and they'll make a great stocking stuffer!


I'm not just talking about just any stickersgirls love to put these fun big stickers on their water bottles, their computers, their phone cases, their bindersmy daughter even has them all over her ski helmet!

It's a fun way to showcase their personality and hobbies and there are so many options available!

Mario Badescu Skincare

Mario Badescu is the it name in skincare for teen girls. The packaging is pretty and I have heard many good reviews about it. The acne control is supposed to work very well.

My girls only have the facial sprays at this point. They smell good and they work well for priming

Fuzzy blankets

This has been a love of my teenage girls for years. And while we have lots of them around, they always want more. They are perfect for decorating their bedroom, cuddling up to watch a movie, or taking to a football game.

Some favorites:

This Ivory Ella cozy fleece throw (Ivory Ella is a trendy brand among teen girls)
Faux Fur blanket
This cute elephant fuzzy blanket
Buffalo Plaid fleece blanket

Lululemon leggings

These leggings are spendy for sure, but they are all the rage and your daughter will love them. They are also super durable and have a really good guarantee should they rip or wear out.

Nike headbands

If your daughter plays sports, these tie-on Nike headbands are cute and fun. They come in several colors, though my kids have preferred black and white only. All of the girls on my daughter's basketball team had matching black ones this year and looked so cute.


These felt letterboards are so cute and girls love to use them in their bedrooms. I really like this one because it is double sided (black or grey) and comes with both gold and white lettersplus cursive ones, too. And it's reasonably priced.

There are lots of different options, though. My daughter has a rectangular black one in her room that currently says "Don't let anyone treat you like free salsa. You are guacamole, baby. Guacamole." What can I say? She has a lot of fun with it.

Light Box with Letters

An alternative to the felt letterboard, these light boxes are also super fun. While you don't have enough room to write as much as you can on a letterboard they are still cute and trendy. Some of them even have colored LED lights you can change with a remote control. All fun!

Apple AirPods

You probably knew this was going to be on the list, right? That's because they are really cool and every teenager wants a pair. My daughter saved up to buy hers a few months ago and she absolutely loves them.

You can get the regular AirPods or you can get the newer AirPods Pro.

And don't forget to buy a cute case for them. It helps them not to get lostand I always worry since they are so smalland makes them look really cute. And we all know that teenage girls love cute.

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines is a popular brand among the teenage girls right now. The logo features a cute whale and they have all sorts of adorable t-shirts and other clothing. My daughter has a Vineyard Vines hat which she almost never took off all summer long.

This t-shirt is super cuteand these leggings are adorable.

Hopefully you have been able to find something on this list that your own teenage girl will love!

Happy shopping!

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