Gluten-free in Kuwait

Gluten-free in Kuwait

There are so many great options for celiacs in Kuwait! Here are my favorites:


Cuisine: Plantbased wholefoods

What I like about it: 100% gluten-free, wholesome/ nourishing, nicely presented.

The only potential downside is probably the location as it is part of a food court in a mall – I feel it deserves to have a nicer standalone cafe with outdoor seating!

My favorites: Almond butter toast, chocolate smoothie bowl

Almond butter toast with chia jam and coconut yogurt
Chocolate smoothie bowl
Hot chocolate


Cuisine: Plantbased/ 100% gluten-free

What I like about it: Interesting/ unconvenional progressive plantbased cuisine, everything prepared in-house

My favorites: Vegan blue cheese toasts (raw dehydrated toast)

Blue cheese toast
Guacamole and crackers

Ovo Kuwait

Cuisine: “Flexitarian” cuisine

What I like about it: Nice outdoor seatings, options which suit different dietary/ culinary preferences

My favorites: Chickpea “fries”

Chickpea “fries” made of chickpea flour
Superfoods kale salad
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