How to Use & Send Avocado in Your Child’s Lunchbox

How to Use & Send Avocado in Your Child’s Lunchbox

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Even if most kids love avocado, they often leave it untouched in the lunchbox because they didn’t like the first signs of browning. Just like with apples, bananas, and potatoes, avocados turn brown when it’s exposed to oxygen in the air. It’s still safe to eat, but the less browning there is, the better visually, especially if you want to get your child to eat it. Check out easy ways to incorporate avocados into your lunches and how to prevent them from browning below!

Healthy, Easy-to-Pack Lunchbox Ideas with Avocados That Your Kids Will Love
Besides being delicious, avocados are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Welcome vitamin E, potassium, fibers, healthy fats, anti-inflammatory components. The cherry on the cake, they are popular among young kids, including toddlers, if we judge by the frequency we see them in the kid-approved lunch ideas on Check out these popular and delicious ways to pack avocado in the kids’ lunch.

1. Half Avocado with or without the Pit 
Just add a spoon in the lunchbox, and your avocado is ready to eat, even for little hands. Find lunch ideas with half avocados on

2. Guacamole or Simply Smashed Avocado 
With guacamole in the lunchbox, you send party food for lunch. Use it as a dip with veggies or crackers, and you’ll have here one of the fastest lunch ideas to assemble. Avocado toasts are also a perfect alternative either for lunch, breakfast, or even snack time. Just spread it on the bread of your choice. Find lunch ideas with guacamole on

3. Avocado Sandwich 
Avocado is a great alternative to mayonnaise for every sandwich idea. Don’t have a favorite yet? Start with the simple but delicious avocado/cream cheese sandwich. you can also easily use it in a wrap and make beautiful pinwheels your kid won’t resist. Find lunch ideas with avocado sandwiches on

4. Cut Avocado Diced or Sliced
Not sure if your child would eat avocado for lunch? Start with dice or slices on top of their favorite salad or main meal. Find lunch ideas with avocado dice or slices on

5 Popular and Kid-Approved Tricks from Experienced Lunchbox Moms & Dads
How to stop the browning before it even starts? The goal is to protect the flesh of the avocado from oxygen exposure as much as possible.

1. Use Avocado Oil
Rub or spray avocado oil on the exposed flesh, then store the avocado in an airtight container in your refrigerator. You can also use coconut oil or squeeze lemon juice if the taste doesn’t bother your child.

2. Use Frozen Pre-cut Avocado
Many recommend the frozen products found at Costco or Whole Foods. 

3. Try Wrapping It Up
Wrap tightly in plastic wrap, foil, or any disposable wrapping paper you have at home. You can find disposable or eco-friendly alternatives to regular plastic like the Beeswax Food Wrap Rolls or Compostable Cling Wrap to keep your food fresh naturally and reduce waste!

4. Use an Avocado Saver
Amazon has plenty of options. Here are 3 products that we liked: Evriholder Avo SaverAvocado Keeper by VantigeJoie Fresh Stretch Pod.

5. Use a Food Preserver
As an example, Ball Fruit-Fresh Product Protector prevents browning and protects the flavor of fresh-cut produce. Parents say that it works like a charm on avocados—it’s worth a try!

We love these tricks because they are easy and they don’t alter much the flavor nor the aspect of the avocado in the lunchbox, which always helps in getting a child to eat his lunch!

If you are not 100% confident in the preparation you made, you can always use one last trick when packing the lunchbox in the morning. Some parents admitted that using sesame seeds on top of the avocado was efficient enough to “mask” any first sign of browning in the lunchbox. In any case, always make sure the avocado stays in a tightly closed container to prevent air from getting in.

Do you pack lunch? If so, don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your lunchbox ideas on! Upload your photos today: you’ll build a useful record while inspiring other parents who pack school lunches like you.

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