Menu Plan & Meal Prep for September 13 2021

Menu Plan & Meal Prep for September 13 2021

This post contains affiliate links.  My husband likes to garden, but gardening in our area of Arizona is challenging.  Every year my husband plants Armenian cucumbers, and if we’re lucky, we get about three or four cucumbers.  But this year, thanks to one of the wettest monsoon seasons on record, we’re swimming in cucumbers.  That’s why you’ll notice that we have cucumbers for a side dish many times this week.

Meal Prep

I had a rather lame meal prep this week.  I only made Power Balls, and I didn’t even take a picture.

Menu Plan


(My husband was at work all day, so the kids and I had nice, easy meals.)
Lunch–Leftover taco meat as nachos & mini tacos, lettuce tomato
Dinner–Waffles, eggs, breakfast sausage, melon


Lunch–Blackened cod, diced potatoes, cucumber & tomato salad

Menu Plan & Meal Prep for September 20 2020
Dinner–Chicken Thighs, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts


Lunch–Turkey patties w/guacamole, baked potatoes, coleslaw
Dinner–Sloppy Joes, chips, cucumber salad


Lunch–Taco Rice, salad
Dinner–Paleo Beef Stew, cucumber salad


Lunch–Taquitos, salad

Dinner–Spaghetti, cucumber salad


Lunch–5 Ingredient Chili (from my last freezer cooking session), cucumber salad
Dinner–Smoked Salmon Scramble, strawberries, bagels



Dinner–Chickpea Curry with Rice, turkey burger, cucumber salad

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