Over 50 Football Game Day Food Ideas | Appetizers, Dips, Desserts, & More

Over 50 Football Game Day Food Ideas | Appetizers, Dips, Desserts, & More

In the need of game day food? We’ve got you covered from the first kickoff to the final play.

crispy wings in the mealthy crisplid

Plan your game day food with these delicious recipe ideas!

Are you ready for the big football game and looking for the best recipes to make for your family to snack on? We’ve got ya covered and are sharing over 50 game day food ideas! From appetizers to desserts, we’ve got it all! There’s nothing like enjoying the biggest football game of the year while enjoying delicious food with your family!

Start out with these yummy dips.

4 cheese dip appetizer on pan

classic dill dip with veggies

dipping baguette into layered pizza dip

oval slow cooker divided by clear liners

If you’re serving multiple game day dips but don’t own more than one slow cooker to keep them warm, no worries! This life-changing Crock-Pot hack from Reynold’s Kitchens uses aluminum foil and slow cooker liners to create a divider inside your slow cooker, enabling you to cook two dips simultaneously. Genius!

Up next: appetizers – the ultimate game day food!

air fryer empanadas

touchdown taco dip with chips

taco breadsticks with dipping sauces

everything but the bagel cheese ball with crackers

bags of fritos with taco toppings for walking tacos

Hip Tip: Want a hands-off hosting approach? Try Walking Tacos by having a slow cooker full of taco meat and use individual-sized chip bags as the base of the tacos. Then your guests pile on their favorite toppings like cheese, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole for a hand-held snack in the bag—just grab a fork, no plate required!

You can even try this method as a dessert with Nilla wafers and banana pudding. Yum!

Feed your inner carnivore with chicken wings & meatballs.

easy parmesean meatballs using the air fryer

pulling out chicken wing from slow cooker

Don’t forget kid-friendly game day foods for the little ones!

air fryer bagel dogs

corn dog mini muffins

Easy pizza crescent rolls

ham and cheese party sliders

Game Day Bingo card

Hip Tip: Want to keep the kiddos entertained during the long game? Check out Play.Party.Plan. for printable bingo sheets featuring popular commercial appearances. Pass out bingo dabbers or candies to mark each square when it appears. The first with 5 in a row (or 4 corners if you play by those rules) wins!

Never skimp on dessert!

chocolate-dipped football apples

s'mores lasagna slice

cutting into a Reese's peanut butter ball

Eat low-carb? Check out our keto game day foods on Hip2Keto.com!

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