Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip Board

Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip Board

Take your party snacks to haunting new heights with my easy-to-make Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip Board! With black olive spiders and a sour cream web, this super spooky twist on a favorite will leave your guests in awe!

Spider Web Seven Layer Dip by The BakerMama

Creepy and Delicious!

What’s got eight legs and tastes great on a tortilla chip? My Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip! Okay, so my olive spiders only have six legs. But seriously, how fun are these adorable arachnids? I created this recipe in partnership with my favorites, Lindsay Olives. We always have a few cans and jars in the pantry to snack on, put on our cheese boards and, of course, get creative with when making holiday eats! They’re smooth in texture and nutty in flavor. So delicious!

Spider Web Seven Layer Dip by The BakerMama

The best part of this dip isn’t even how great it tastes (and y’all, it is YUM). It’s how much fun it is to make and serve! My kids loved making the little spiders out of the olives. Creating this snack turned into such a silly, enjoyable family activity. The true test of party food is how quickly it gets gobbled up. And this spiderweb seven layer dip tuned out to be a winner. Gone in a flash!

CLICK HERE for the recipe to make the Spiderweb Make Seven Layer Dip and directions for building the board

Seven layers of deliciousness with a spooky cute design on top makes for the perfect Halloween party appetizer! Such an easy way to serve up something creative.

With beans on bottom, followed by salsa, spiced sour cream, Lindsay black olives, chopped green onions, cheese, and guacamole, it’s layer upon layer of yumminess. Dip into it with your favorite chips and veggies (I put mini peppers on the board this time, but carrots, celery and cucumbers would be great dippers for this board, too). I also added a few salsas on the side.

The design on top is super easy to create with sour cream and the black olives make the cutest spiders. I built this board on our 18″x12″ wood board and used an 8.5″ low bowl for the dip.

Spider Web Seven Layer Dip by The BakerMama

You can find the full ingredient list and instructions on the Lindsay Olives website.

Serving this board as part of the Halloween Snacks Spread from my Spectacular Spreads cookbook would make for the best Halloween night ever! If you recreate this Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip Board for Halloween, be sure to snap a pic and share it with me @TheBakerMama and @LindsayOlives


Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip by The BakerMama

More Festive Halloween Treats

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I hope you’re inspired to build this Spiderweb Seven Layer Dip for your Halloween party. Be sure to tag me @thebakermama so I can see. I love seeing your board creations!

Happy Halloween!


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