Tacos! Burgers! Tofu Eggs!

Tacos! Burgers! Tofu Eggs!

I made Black Bean & Veggie Tacos last week using canned beans, frozen bell peppers, frozen corn, and some fresh veggies (like kale and onions) that need using. I also made some Cashew Queso from the No Meat Athlete Cookbook, and wow, that stuff is good! Best cheese dip I've ever made!

I enjoyed my weekly takeout order from Imagine Vegan Cafe on Saturday night after spending the day running and gardening (yay outside!!). I got a Beyond Burger with Vegan Cheese & Sweet Potato Fries. The cheese got a little melty in the takeout box, but hey, it's takeout!

Here's a healthy, super-easy pantry/freezer meal I made last week. Baked Sweet Potato with Chickpeas, Spinach, and Guac. I used canned chickpeas, frozen spinach, and Herdez guacamole salsa from a jar (a great stand-in for fresh guac when you can't get avocados!).

For my Easter Sunday supper, I made my Tofu Deviled Eggy Bites and Pimento Cheese from Cookin' Crunk! The "eggs" have black salt for a super eggy flavor. I stocked up on tofu for the pandemic like most people did with toilet paper! The pimento cheese is really just a fancy hummus with pimento peppers and a little Vegenaise for extra creaminess. Great on a sandwich. I had some Beanfield's Korean BBQ Cracklins on the side. It rained all day here on Sunday, so my hopes for an Easter picnic with Paul turned into chillin' on the couch and watching Ozark.

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