The Art of Picnics – Book Review + Beach Picnic

The Art of Picnics – Book Review + Beach Picnic

The Art of Picnics is a book filled with recipes and ideas for picnics. Do you enjoy getting outdoors? A picnic during any season is an awesome way to spend time with family or friends.

Below you can see photos of our beach picnic. Plus our ideas for a beach picnic. Get an overview of all the picnic ideas from the book and our review. I hope it inspires you to plan a picnic.

I love it when new books, cookbooks, and products land on my doorstep (I did receive this for free). It allows me to share how I liked them, give my honest review. Plus share new products with you. When I do receive something I think is useful, make a good gift, or be helpful and useful for you I share my honest opinions. Read the full post to find out all about this cookbook and my thoughts.

The Art of Picnics

The Art of Picnics - Book Review + Beach Picnic - Seasonal Picnics and Picnic ideas and recipes for your next picnic. Find out more at

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Let me share a few things about this newly published book. It’s a family-style cookbook. The book is filled with picnic ideas and activities.

Do you like to go on picnics? We sure do. The last one we took was a morning meet up, coffee and pasteries, and kite flying at the beach. I shared the kite flying on Instagram. Below are a few photos from our beach picnic.

Beach Picnic

Beach Picnic- Morning meet up. Picnic Ideas along with The Art of Picnics. Find out more at
Beach Picnic

This was our most recent beach picnic! We loaded up the cars and met at the beach. Each of us brought certain items for the picnic at the beach. We set a time to meet, mapped out the beach we headed to. Then met up for a picnic of coffee, pastries, and… Next, we did a morning beach hike, collecting seashells and feathers, playing in the sand, and kite flying. Do you like picnics at the beach?

What to bring to a beach picnic?

There are recipes in the book that I think would be great for a beach picnic. Oatmeal date bars, homemade crackers to serve cheese on, and herb-roasted nuts… These are just a few recipes I want to try from the book I am sharing below!

Let’s get into this new book!

The Art of Picnics - Cookbook Review - Ideas for picnics and recipes. Enjoy getting outdoors, good food and recipes, plus entertaining. Find out more at ©
The Art of Picnics

The Art of Picnics Book Review

  • This is a soft back book
  • 244 pages
  • Filled with images, stories, photographs, recipes and picnic ideas
  • Published by Yellow Pear Press
  • @MangoPublishing
  • Author Alanna O’Neil

Contents include so many picnic ideas – Picnic ideas for spring; Early Morning Rendezvous, An Invitation to Tea… Ideas for summer picnics; Upcountry Lunch, A Sunday Kind of Love, Stargazer Soiree… Ideas for an autumn picnic: A Day in the Orchard, The Mountains Are Calling. Ideas for winter picnics; Snowshoe Through the Woods, A Day on the Hill…

Our thoughts and review of the book, “The Art of Picnics

  • I really like all the ideas for seasonal picnics. There are ideas for spring, summer, fall, and winter picnics. Tips for preparing and gathering things for picnics and pop-up picnics.
  • The book goes over pantry staples, produce, and perishable provisions. Seasonal spreads, making charcuterie boards…
  • Find recipes for picnics such as; focaccia bread, farmhouse crackers, salads, tarts, crumb cake, tea sandwiches, and more. Is your mouth-watering just hearing these recipes? Those are only a few in the cookbook.
  • Find short stories of the author picnics, beautiful photography of picnics, and recipes. This book will give you ideas for entertaining outdoors and enjoying a picnic with delicious foods.

I can’t wait to make a recipe or two from this book and share what I made for our next picnic.

This cookbook with picnic recipes and ideas would make the perfect foodie gift idea!

Foodie gift idea - The Art of Picnics - Picnics and recipes for every season. Find out more at

Buy it for yourself or use it as a gift idea for the holidays. Anyone who enjoys nature, good food, and picnicking will love it. It’s already getting great reviews. Preview or purchase the book! Take a look inside the book.

Preview Book or Buy

About The Author

Alanna O’Neil is a professional photographer, designer, and home cook. Originally from the Green Mountains of Vermont, she now calls Maui her home. This is her first book.

Find more about the author and the book, The Art of Picnics.

When was the last time you planned a picnic or went on a picnic?

Our favorite picnic recipes for backyard picnics and other picnics

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