The Practical Gift Guide for People Who Say They Don’t Need Anything!

The Practical Gift Guide for People Who Say They Don’t Need Anything!

The Practical Gift Guide for People Who Say They Don't Need Anything!

You know those people who say, "I don't need anything!"   We all know them.   And, quite honestly, they are probably right.  These people have accumulated a lot of things over the years, and they probably do not need a thing, but that doesn't mean they don't have wants. So, after testing some culinary products gifted to me and hours of mulling over the internet, I've put together a stellar gift guide that can be used for neighbors, dog walkers, teachers, and of course, that person who has everything.  These gifts could stand alone, or you could add two products together to create a theme. 

Top Row Left:  All She Wrote Notes-Mary Square One Thing Everyday Ceramic Mug sold online and in-person at Little Details Boutique, a local boutique located in Garner, NC.  All She Wrote Notes is an NC business founded by Maghon Taylor, who sparked her love for calligraphy into a great business. Mary Square is also an NC-based lifestyle company located in Apex, NC. 

Top Row Middle: Dark and Dreamy Hot Chocolate Mix.  People of all ages love hot chocolate, and this hot chocolate mix can be for anyone on your list. This silver-decorated holiday tin can be made with water, milk, or a non-dairy alternative. The hot chocolate mix is made without sodium or hydrogenated fats and is gluten-free. Each tin makes 11 cups. It's only 60 calories per serving. The mixture would go great with the mug above, as well as a more significant gift. 

Cup of Dark and Dreamy Epicure Hot Cocoa with Peppermint

Top Row Right: Zip and Go Reusable Snack Bags in Three Sizes  This gift screams practical and eco-friendly. These bags are great for snacks on the go, lunch boxes, or storing leftovers. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  If you wanted, you could Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn made in Asheville, NC with it. This stuff is fantastic. It comes in lots of different flavors. 

Eco-Friendly Resusable Snack Bags in Three Sizes by Epicure
Popcorn made in Asheville, NC by Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

Middle Row Left:  Carolina Brewery Sauces.  Carolina Brewery in Hillsborough, NC, is known for great beer, but they also make some darn good sauces. I am a big fan of the Sriracha Steak Sauce and its Eastern BBQ Sauce. The Sriracha Steak  Sauce is addicting, and I've started putting it on everything and in soups.  I love it.  

Carolina Brewery Sriracha Steak Sauce and Carolina Brewery Amber Ale

Middle Row Middle: Guacamole Dip Mix Seasoning by Epicure. This is one of my absolute favorite seasoning mixes. I've been using it for about a year, and it makes delicious guacamole. I also season eggs, veggies, cottage cheese, and tomatoes with it.  At under $10, it is an excellent gift for anyone who will love it if they like guacamole.  Pair it with an appetizer bowl for a more significant gift.  This gluten-free dip mix is all-natural and good for you. 

Guacamole in a white bowl. Seasoning by Epicure

Middle Row Right: Poco Picante Salsa Mix by Epicure.  We all know chips and salsa make a great meal, and this salsa can be on your table in fifteen minutes.  All you need is this seasoning, a can of tomatoes, and a splash of lime.  This salsa mix can also be used in tops of recipes. 

chips, salsa and guacamole. Mixes by Epicure

Bottom Row Left: Villeroy and Boch New Wave Square Dip Bowl.  Who says a bowl has to be round? My own personal china is Villeroy and Boch, and I love these square new wave dip bowls, priced at just $12 each.  They are classic but yet modern. Pair it with any dip seasoning mix for a great gift. 

dips in Villeroy and Boch china

Bottom Row Middle: Mulling Spices by Epicure Nothing says happy holidays like mulling spices. These mulling spices work with apple juice, wine, or cranberry juice.  It's a taste of the holidays with aromatic cloves, star anise, and real orange peel.  North Carolina is known for its Moravian bakery in Winston-Salem.  Pair these mulling spices with some Dewey's Moravian-style cookies for an authentic holiday gift. 

Mulled Apple Cider and Moravian Cookies. Seasoning by Epicure

Morvavian cookies from NC

Bottom Row Right:  Mountain Chai Tea from Asheville Tea Company.  From farm to teacup, this is one of the best tea blends I've tasted.  If you have a tea lover in your life, then you will love Asheville Tea Company Tea.  You can't go wrong with any blend. 

Blends of Tea from Asheville Tea Company

This year, the Mountain Chai blend is a new blend, and honestly, it is heaven in a cup. I drink this tea with a little bit of honey and milk. 

Mountain Chai Tea Blend from Asheville Tea Company with clear pot with loose tea leaves

Leigh Powell Hines of HinesSightBlog
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