The road from aversion to acceptance: an avocado tale

The road from aversion to acceptance: an avocado tale

More than three decades ago, I was afraid of avocados. On a dinner datewhile residing in the Midwest and before I met my husband-to-beI ordered a California burger. When it arrived, topped with a gooey blob of green stuff, my expression no doubt reflected uncertainty and something akin to fear (aka distaste). Fast-forward dozens of years, now living in the Southwest: even then, whenever my cousin touted the merits of avocados, I winced at the fat content packed into those leather-skinned pouches. However, not too long ago, I discovered the deliciousness of guacamole. Newsflash: its made with avocados! Plus, the fat is the good kind our hearts crave. No longer afraid of the fruit, I add the tasty goodness to salads and tacos, smoothies and more andof coursemy weekly guacamole fix: Combine two large avocados, peeled and smashed; one small yellow or white onion, chopped; one Roma tomato, diced; juice from lime; salt and pepper to taste. Try it on a toasted bagel!

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