Why Del Taco had to reconfigure their kitchen design for their newest menu items

Why Del Taco had to reconfigure their kitchen design for their newest menu items

Del Taco’s cheesy new menu items have been three years in the making.

The restaurant chain calls them Stuffed Quesadilla Tacos, and they go on the menu Thursday, Aug. 26.

The idea is to load a quesadilla with taco fillings, according to Chief Marketing Officer Tim Hackbardt.

“Basically, your taco shell is now a quesadilla,” he said at Del Taco’s headquarters in Lake Forest. “It’s one of those unique things that’s not easy to do.”

There are three kinds: grilled chicken, $1.99; crispy chicken, $2.29; and carne asada, $2.99.

The proteins, along with tomato and lettuce, are grilled between two flour tortillas with queso blanco and shredded cheddar cheese. Diners can add fresh guacamole for an extra charge.

“It’s a whole new flavor thing that nobody else is doing,” Hackbardt said of the use of cheese sauce in a quesadilla.

Figuring out how to use queso blanco was one of the challenges that kept these items in development for years, according to Hackbardt. But the queso blanco provided a partial solution to another challenge, how to make the items fast enough to serve in drive-thrus. The hot cheese sauce is used to start melting the cheddar.

Del Taco had to supply its 600 restaurants with additional quesadilla presses to keep up with the anticipated demand for Stuffed Quesadilla Tacos, he said.

He expects the concept to be a permanent menu addition.

Del Taco is also offering three new beverages for autumn: A caramel apple shake, a dulce de leche shake and caramel iced coffee.

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