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Pack of 3 - Soapy Sponge with Soap Dispensing

Pack of 3 - Soapy Sponge with Soap Dispensing

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Soapy-Sponge Scouring Sponge with Soap-Dispensing Capsule (Pack of 3)

Product Description

  • In order to get a satisfying lather when washing up, liquid soap needs to be added to the sponge repeatedly.
  • This not only results in wasted soap but the bottle also needs to be kept close to hand, creating more clutter around the sink.
  • Soapy-Sponge solves these problems as it contains a refillable soap-dispensing capsule inside that slowly releases the optimum amount of soap liquid as you wash.
  • Simply pop the capsule out of the sponge, refill and replace.
  • The sponge itself also has a triple-layer construction for different cleaning tasks and it comes with its own sponge holder for quick, hygienic drying.
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